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Sodium thiosulfate antidote use guidelines

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Sodium thiosulfate (Na2 S2 O3), also known as Hypo, one of the commonly used preparations in aquaculture. Sodium thiosulfate is a crystal material that is easily soluble in water, has a strong reducing property, detoxification, improve water quality etc application, the following practical application of sodium thiosulfate to explain.

The use of sodium thiosulfate in aquaculture

1,Remove the residual chlorine in water. Sodium thiosulfate can be reduced to hydrochloric acid chloride, so for the ponds that often use chlorine preparations, it can be used to relieve the toxicity of free chlorine in water.

2,Can be used to degrade pesticide toxins. Its good reducibility can be used to degrade the toxicity of organophosphorus insecticides, and it has been proved to be suitable for the symptoms of fish poisoning caused by excess of organophosphorus pesticides.

3,Can degrade the toxicity of cyanide, while its good ion exchange function to reduce the water in the heavy metal poison has a certain effect.

4,Which can release sulfur atoms in water, so it has a certain bactericidal effect.

Sodium thiosulfate use errors

Sodium thiosulfate is a lot of farmers often used, the people understand the effect of it is a bit exaggerated, that is a versatile water agent, in fact, his main effect is mainly detoxification, and the scope of detoxification comparison Narrow, not suitable for regular use.

And sodium thiosulfate will change the redox balance of water, in the water conditions are more fragile, may increase the hypoxia. So when used,must be pay great attention to the algae, floating head, rainy days can not be used. For prevent accidental loss.


600-700 square meters of water depth of the use of the goods 500-1000 grams. This product is easy to absorb moisture, heat decomposition, should be dry, cool to save.

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